India’s first National Startup Awards 2020

India’s first National Startup Awards 2020

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 Recognizing and rewarding awards
 Jury and sectors
 Prize money
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First time in history India finally host their first startup award show where people with a new idea and great ambition can get an appreciation for their work. 
Indian Startups are taking flight. 
As a setting for business, India has proved itself to be one of the perfect places to experiment with ideas. A deeper look reveals an endless cave filled with new ideas, great ambitions, and significant impact which is yet to introduce in light. Announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Startup India was established as a crown jewel initiative to facilitate startup culture and empower a strong, complete ecosystem for nurturing innovation and startups in the country. The vision is to transform India into a country that creates a job and seek the attention of the world instead of job-seekers.
Aim: The National Startup Awards seek to acknowledge and award marvelous startups that are building creative and innovative products, social solutions, or ascendable enterprises with a high potential to create employment, generate wealth, and above all, indicate measurable social impact.
Eligibility Criteria for Startups
Only those startups that are recognized by DPIIT are eligible to participate, who
• Have a product in the market
• Have all trade-specific registrations
• Have no defaults in audited financial statements
Recognizing and rewarding awards the complete way
The National Startup Awards do not measure success in only financial measures instead they go beyond that by considering

Providing innovative solutions to real problems and challenges for India. 

Businesses that are scalable, sustainable, and responsible. 
Inclusiveness and diversity

Challenging underlying assumptions and transforming work culture. 
Economic Impact

Delivering measurable development gains. 
Environmental impact

A responsible business that has pervasive Sustainability practices. 
Social impact

Giving back to society, solving key community issues, and encouraging a paradigm shift. 
The state-wise round-up of the applications :
Jury and sectors
Karnataka(418) lead the list of the number of applications sent, followed by Maharashtra(276) and Delhi(175). The jury featured well-known ecosystem leaders such as President of NASSCOM Debjani Ghosh; Co-founder and CEO of 1mg Prashant Tandon; Ritesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO of OYO Rooms; Sequoia Capital‘s Managing Director Rajan Anandan; Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre‘s Director S Somanath; and Dilip Asbe, Managing Director, CEO of NPCI, among many others.
Entries were received across 12 sectors, and 35 sub-sectors, including agriculture, education, technology, finance, energy, food, health, space, tourism, security, and urban services, among others. Women-led and founded startups, as well as those that impact rural areas were two special startup categories, while one exceptional incubator and one accelerator were recognized as well.

•  Prize money

The winners of startup awards will get a cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh and a chance to present their methods and solutions to the related public authorities and corporates. The winners in the sector of Incubators and accelerators will get Rs. 15 lakh as the winning prize money.

38 startups were awarded including one in each of the 35 categories and 3 special categories in the 12 sectors.

•  Winners

Now, here comes the main course, the winners of the National Startup Awards 2020.

Here Is The List Of Startups That Won The National Award This Year:

Sector: Agriculture

Cornext Agri Products Pvt Ltd (The startup preserves green fodder when it is in the form of silage to decrease the problem of green fodder shortage)

 Mandya Organic (The startup based in Bengaluru helps farmers to acquire organic farming and give farmers a sales platform through supermarkets)

Intello Labs (It allows people to buy fresh food and helps in storing pinpoints and cycling out all old stock)

Nava Design Innovation & Innovation (The startup’s idea is tapping coconut sap by a solar-powered robotic device, it increases productivity and safety)

Sector: Education

Robotguru Education Technologies (It enables students to explore robotics in an integrated manner, by performing different experiments)

Kickhead Softwares (The startup took birth in Noida and Bengaluru to create a platform that allows students to prepare for exams easily at no charge)

Sector: Energy

*This one’s my personal favorite*

Aloe E-Cell (This startup has created the world’s first 100% eco-friendly and non-hazardous 1.5V AA batteries which completely run on Aloe vera and not on lithium. This can lead to a 71.6% reduction in environmental pollution. And it will cost 10% less and 50% more efficient than lithium batteries)

Esyasoft (Its a smart grid platform accessed by machine learning and deep learning analytics, improving the usage of energy and system of distribution of utilities)

Sector: Enterprise Technology

Unnati Online (Unnati is a self-regulating, voice-enabled digital assistant that helps informal sector workers in finding job opportunities. It aims in reducing unemployment by operating an electric automated job helpline service, by calling job-seekers about openings and vacancies in their state)

Sector: Fintech

BharatPe or Resilient Innovations (The Delhi-based startup aims at providing services to operators in SME(small and medium-sized sectors) sector, making possible the acceptance of UPI payments from over 150 payment apps in India by one QR code)

Sector: Food

Food Cloud (Food Cloud is an online portal connecting consumers with home chefs, having over 80% of the registered home chefs being women)

God’s Own Food Solutions (jackfruit 365) (As the name represents, the Kochi-based startup giving relief to the patients of diabetes by developing a patented ‘green jackfruit flour’ which helps in controlling and eventually increasing the production of insulin inside the body by just adding a small spoon of it in the daily meal. 

Sector: Health

Wellthy Therapeutics (The startup collects medical reports electronically for physicians and designed to engage recipients at multiple levels)

Niramai Health Analytix (The startup gave an accurate and affordable solution for detecting early-stage breast cancer, it has screened over 25,000 women in 12 states)

Bonayu Lifesciences (The startup gives an alternative to traditional ointments, creams, gels, etc. by giving cost-effective topical thin films to market)

Innaumation Medical Devices (The Bengaluru-based startup has built a way for the people who lost their voice due to throat cancer named Aum Voice Prosthesis)

Sector: Industry 4.0

Uptimeai Tech (The startup has made a software platform by which the plant engineers can now predict issues in equipment and performance in advance)

Minionlabs India (This Bengaluru-based startup uses AI to bring actionable insights, aiming savings to electricity bills and helping too with savings up to 30%)

Fabheads Automation (The startup designs and manufactures 3D printers using carbon fiber which allows them to print parts that are not only strong as steel but also and importantly light as plastic too)

Scapic Innovations (The startup building a platform for brands to create 3D and increase reality experience where they don’t have to code themselves)

Planys Technologies (Planys is focused on smart underwater check-up solutions identifying abnormalities in a number of properties located underwater)

Gingermind Technologies (Gingermind builds AI-powered smartphone apps and clothing which helps visually challenged people)

Sector: Security

Staqu Technologies (The Gurugram-based startup is a modern way of identifying the criminals by speaker identification that is for now used by police forces in 8 Indian States)

Lucideus Tech (The startup’s product SAFE has cyber risk measuring, calculating real-time cyber risk evaluation & contain over 100,000 connections at once)

Sector: Space

Skyroot Aerospace (The Hyderabad-based startup launch vehicles carrying a wide range of payload capacity and they are building new types of cost-effective small satellite launch vehicles)

Dhruva Space (Dhruva Space builds small satellite constellations for Earth observation and other scientific applications)

Bellatrix Aerospace (Bellatrix Aerospace is working to drive down the cost of access to space by focusing on advanced propulsion systems for satellites and reusable micro launch vehicles)

Sector: Tourism

Feeinsta Consulting & Services (The startup’s smart e-toilets has electric self-moving seats, inbuilt night light, it’s being made touch-free and waterless to improve public hygiene)

Param People Infotech (It allows travelers to carry out and contact with verified highway services and facilities, it has its range over more than 60,000 km in India)

Sector: Urban Services

SnPC Machines (SnPC has the first of its kind fascinating brick-making machines, it lays down bricks when it moves forward just like a vehicle)

Wickedride Adventure Services (The startup operates as an automotive rental company. The Company offers peer-to-peer motor vehicle, bike, and scooter renting and ride-sharing services have already reached 2.5 million users within a year)

Sukriti Social Foundation (The startup’s product Eco-Mitra is a self-cleaning and self-maintenance toilet, it treats wastewater and reuses it for flushing)

Taraltec Solutions (The startup’s product Taraltec Reactor is a groundbreaking device that is if connected to a bore well handpump, it decontaminates water and obtain clean drinking water. It has provided clean water to half a million people in India)

Other Winners

Top Incubator: Before moving forward you should the meaning of  Incubator – (A business incubator is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop themselves by providing useful services such as management training or office space)

Villgro Innovations Foundation (Villgro, formerly known as Rural Innovations Network, is one of India’s oldest social enterprise incubators which has provided its useful services to many startups since 2001)

Top AcceleratorBrigade Real Estate Accelerator Program (REAP) (It offers self-contained workspaces across 3 cities along with mentors who have knowledge in various fields)

Campus Initiated StartupsGenrobotic Innovations  (The startup offers human-controlled robots as alternatives to manual search for goods in discarded wastes, having already been deployed successfully in various states of India)

Startups Having a Rural ImpactBodhami (Bodhami is an online learning platform, it matches students and jobseekers directly to counselors, driving advanced learning interferences)

Women-Led StartupsAzooka Labs (The last startup to name as a winner of national startup awards is of a special category in which the startup is led by women, Azooka Labs. It provides very useful genomic research and molecular diagnostics. Their product Tino Rang has done amazing work by providing an affordable test for everything from DNA forensics to crop breeding)

Launches by Government

Startup India Showcase

is an online discovery platform too launched by DPIIT which will capture details about the startup. It will include startups from across many sectors such as enterprise tech, social impact, environmental impact, and fintech, among others.

For easy access to startups recognition certificates while minimizing falsification DPIIT further launched a blockchain-based verification system certificates.

Blockchain-based Certificate Verification System

It will enable access to certificates of recognitions issued by DPIIT with instant verification. This feature showcases a new wall of security to the startup certificates. It can be accessed by Government Departments, procurement entities, investors, and other third parties to verify the status of recognized and verified startups for opening the gates of different opportunities.

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